Asus Launches Its First Foldable PC “ZenBook 17-Fold OLED”

The latest Asus ZenBook 17-Fold OLED laptop is maybe the most innovative of them all: A foldable-screen device that works like both a 17-inch laptop and a 12.5-inch tablet.

The new Asus ZenBook 17-Fold OLED uses a different hinge and a creased ultra-foldable display. Also, this is an easy-to-carry 12.5-inch device that is as small as an A4-sized photocopier paper.

This laptop acts as a full-fat 17-inch laptop, whose screen is full of inky black and amazing colors we are supposed to expect from OLED technology.

ZenBook 17-Fold OLED Specs and Features

As the name describes itself, ZenBook 17-Fold OLED has a 17.3-inches foldable OLED display with 2.5k resolution included. It comes with Dolby Vision, and Pantone Validated colors. When this device is folded into a laptop state, it offers a 3:2, 12.5-inch, including 1920x 1280 resolution. Display on either side. We can also use an on-screen keyboard if we are into that thing.

Now, if we talk about the inside specifications and features of ZenBook 17-Fold OLED, there we find a 12th generation Intel Core 17 U-Series processor. Also, this has Intel Xe graphics, up to 16 GB RAM, and a very fast 1TB PC 4.0 SSD storage inside this. Now let’s come to its connectivity options. It includes two USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, which support quick charging with a 75Wh battery.

ZenBook 17-Fold OLED also has the updated Intel EVO standards for laptops that are foldable. There is also a camera for the user revelation, having a color sensor for auto screen calibration. And if we have a look at its camera features, so this has a 5MP webcam for sharpening video conferencing. As per sources, Asus says that its availability in the market will be some in the mid of 2022.

This, ZenBook 17-Fold OLED, 4:3- aspect ratio touch screen will support 2,560 by 1,920 pixels resolution and a fresh rate of 90Hz.

This laptop has been certified for VESA Display HDR 500 true black, also in Pantone-validated.

Besides the screen, ZenBook 17-Fold OLED will also feature premium technology of WiFi master. Not just this support the latest WiFi 6E system, but it also comes with the stabilizer and smart connect features. But is enough for us to provide the best signal range and stability. A quad-speaker sound function and a Dolby Atmos support are also included in this laptop.

Fold and Go!

Just fold its display, and hey! You are now holding the slimmest laptop. It is very slim, just like a photocopier paper. If you measure it, you will find it just 17.4mm thin. ZenBook 17-Fold OLED weight is just 1.6kg without a keyboard, and with a keyboard, its weight is around 1.9 kg.


In this blog, we have discussed an invention: ZenBook 17-Fold OLED, A foldable laptop with next-level specifications, features, and latest technology. We have how nicely this laptop did its job, and even like a small piece of paper, we can carry this with us anywhere.

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